To help you decide which residential solar system size is right for your home, we’ve created the easy-to-read size comparison chart below. Select the average amount your current electricity bill comes to and follow the row across to find out what size model would best suit your energy needs.

If you’ve looked at installing a new pool, starting to work from home, or welcoming a new member of the family, you should carefully consider the size of your solar system with your future circumstances in mind. It’s much easier and more cost-effective to install a larger size solar system than it is to expand in the long run. Your existing roof is the biggest indication of your solar system size and where your panels will be positioned. For example, if you only have free roof space facing east, this is where your panels will need to go.

To maximise your savings, you’ll have to plan your energy usage accordingly (for example, turning the dishwasher and washing machine on in the morning). Our expert energy consultants will recommend a system size based on your household energy usage and roof design. Solar Switch provides this analysis free of charge in a non-obligation personalised quote.  

Your Average Annual Electricity BillRecommended System SizePrice Starting FromNumber of PanelsPower GeneratedHow much can I save?Average Payback Period
$220 or more per bill 3.7kW $2,199+ 8 – 12 13 units/day $120 – $200 per electricity bill 2 – 3 years
$350 or more per bill 6.66kW $3,399+ 15 – 20 22 units/day $180 – $350 per electricity bill 2 – 3 years
$600 or more per bill 10.6kW Battery
26 – 30 35 units/day $300 – $505 per electricity bill 4 – 5 years
$800 or more per bill 13.32kW $7,199+ 30 – 40 44 units/day $400 – $700 per electricity bill 2 – 3 years

Please note this chart has been designed as a rough guide only. Several additional factors need to be considered, including the size of your roof, what time of the day your home uses the majority of its energy, and future circumstances.